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2021 Bratz Reviews/Unboxing/Store Finds

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We have our first unboxing on camera of the reissues! All thanks to @melodysminiatures on Instagram who went live. The other person is @doll.boy.29.

Link to the live:

Here is the outline:

This was in California (there was an extra set and Melody took the last Jade)

3:24-3:50 Mention prices ($29.90 so $30)

Buy one get one 30% right now. ($29.99 and $4 off 2 dolls)

5:00-5:53 Back of the box

6:08-6:15 mentions price again

9:07 Yasmin's unboxing

12:08-12:23 Shows poster and it is holographic (shows again at 19:16)

14:40 The head pops off easily?

15:45 Shows how the shoes have holes

16:20 Says that Yasmin feels like she has 2018 Bratz Collector's hair which means she might have saran. It doesn't feel extremely thick nor light, feels like somewhere in the middle.

20:17-26:23 Sasha's unboxing.

23:04 Sasha's bottom is still a 2 piece (velcro)!

26:49 Jade's unboxing

33:26 Cloe's unboxing

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