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Omg I completely forgot about here:

Merry Bratzmas!! I saved the best for last, well I hope you all think it's great. The last gift is the wallpaper and commercial for the 2003 campaign where Bratz partnered up with Morinaga (confectionery company) to promote their BAKE chocolate bar in Japan! This was around the same time when Bratz were trying to break in Japan and had the COOOOLTV show.

Also I apologize for adding the watermarks. Unfortunately, I hope you all understand as this site is still extremely small and while I understand wallpapers are meant to be used for everyone, I am not at a big level enough where I feel comfortable with everyone sharing this wallpaper around without "credit". It was not a fun process finding this wallpaper:

Feliz Bratzmas! He dejado lo mejor para el final. Este último regalo es el fondo de pantalla y el comercial…

Annalyse Karim
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Merry Bratzmas Eve! As we have one more day before Bratzmas ends, today's gift is of these Flash content from Bratz's Japanese distributor back then, TAKARA. Wintertime Wonderland Jade's and Sasha's are of this sort of dress-up feature where you can also pose them. Dana has this feature for you to take a 360 look at her Wintertime Wonderland doll while Yasmin's is basically a zoom-in feature for her packaging. There were a lot of these but only a few survived. We'll share a few more in the future and as mentioned, @lookinbratz is working to provide resources for fans to play the Flash games again and this will be one distributed with those however no promises will be made at this time.

Un día más antes de que termine nuestro evento 5 Days of Bratzmas! Los regalos de hoy es de estos contenidos Flash de la distribuidora japonesa de…


For the third day of Bratzmas, this gift is a makeup Flash game of Sasha from GiG, Bratz's Italian distributor back then which we also brought up for the first gift! Ones for Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Meygan apparently also exist but Sasha's was the only one that survived. @lookinbratz is working to provide resources for fans to play the Flash games again and this will be one distributed with those however no promises will be made at this time.

Para el tercer día de Bratzmas, este regalo es un juego de maquillaje en

Flash de Sasha de GiG, el distribuidor italiano de Bratz allá por 2003. Es el mismo distribuidor que mencionamos para el primer regalo. También existen versiones para Yasmin, Cloe, Jade y Meygan pero la de Sasha fue la única que sobrevivió. @lookinbratz está intentando proporcionar recursos para que los fans vuelvan a jugar a los…

Gabe Not Gable

Here is today's gift (Day 2)! This is Bratz's main page from Hasbro Chile's website back around 2004 (hence why it's in Spanish). As seen in the screen recording, there were other pages however this was the only page that survived 😭 What do we think of the animation?

Aquí está el regalo del segundo día de los 5 días de Bratzmas! Se trata de una grabación de pantalla de la animación de la página principal de Bratz del sitio web de Hasbro Chile allá por el año 2004, de ahí que esté en español.

Вот подарок ко второму дню. Это запись анимации главной страницы Братц с сайта Hasbro Chile примерно в 2004 году, поэтому она на испанском языке.

Annalyse Karim

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