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Talking Bratz (rajasdesigns)

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This group will for the new series "Talking Bratz"!

We finally have the "trailer" for the project or series the Bratz page and @rajasdesigns has been teasing within the last weeks! Raja (Dava) is credited as the animation producer and director.

They say to keep an eye out on Tik Tok this week and Sasha's voice actress Julyza said "coming to Tik Tok" (I hate Tik Tok so hopefully the series won't end up Tik Tok exclusive and will also be accessible everywhere). The original voice actors for Cloe (Olivia Hack) and Dylan (Ogie Banks) from the TV series and films will be returning!

Cast and credits:

Cloe - Olivia Hack

Jade - Ratana Fox

Yasmin - Valeria Rodriguez

Sasha - Julyza Commodore

Felicia - Jami Gray

Ogle Banks - Dylan

Raja Dava - animation producer and director.

Jenny Yokobori - casting director and voice director

Also, the girls are wearing Movie Stars dresses!

We can also see one of the Tweevils who were also teased on Raja's story:

Here is the previous thread regarding the teasing but I'm also going to paste the pictures that were teased here:

Also if you wanna see what the cast posted on their own accounts I put all of it in the thread:

I don't have a screenshot but Carter Bryant reshared the teaser on his Insta account and liked it!


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