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2021 Bratz Reviews/Unboxing/Store Finds

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Here are the first photos of the Bratz X GCDS Yasmin and Sasha dolls out of box! Courtesy of @dazzlinmalik who went live unboxing them today.

Here are some notes from what dazzlinmalik said and showed regarding the dolls:

-Here are the UPC for Yasmin and Sasha:

Yasmin's: 0035051573470

Sasha's: 0035051573494

-There is a certificate that comes with the dolls saying they are limited edition and designed by Giuliano Calza. Now of course MGA is not always accurate when it comes to claiming their dolls are limited edition so keep that in mind.

-The base of the stands can be clipped out as seen in one of the photos. The upper part of the stands are L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G stands.

-He says the hair feels like saran (and the faces are for a fact UV Print).

-New shoe molds. Sasha's boots have GCDS written on them and her boots also have metallic heels. Yes, Yasmin's shoes are attached to her feet. No holes at the bottom of the girls' shoes.

-Yasmin's necklace and earrings spell out GCDS. Her glasses spell out GCDS on the side.

-The bottom of Yasmin's purse is shaped like a shoe.

-He said Sasha's hair is nicely rooted.

-On the box, it says "The girls got dressed up in Italy" and on the side of Yasmin's box it says "Shoes borrowed from Cloe".

Here is the full text of the certificate:

"This Limited Edition Bratz doll has a full look designed by Giuliano Calza. Creative Director of GCDS. This certificated authenticates that your doll was carefully created and designed through the collaborative efforts of Bratz and GCDS."

View the unboxing video and pictures below:

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